Martin Stidham

Mortgage Consultant

“You will thank yourself for bringing in Eric Wilson to help you as a health insurance broker. Others that I have dealt with in the past act like they’ll be your best friend BEFORE your sign on for a policy but then you never hear from them again. Eric is different. He wants to help you get the best coverage for you and your family. He wants to save you money. He’s always available for questions and help. He’s in business to truly help people. He can be trusted.”

Zachary Kraus

Mortgage Consultant

”I’ve known Eric for years now and I’ve never met anyone so knowledgeable about healthcare. His expertise and care for his clients far exceeds his competition. If you’re in the market for healthcare – definitely call Eric!”

Timmer Halligan

Executive Director, Legal Shield

“As an insurance specialist Eric is incredible. When you sit with Eric he will give you the best option for you and your family for Medical Insurance, which may include staying with your current plan. He is very knowledgeable in the industry and he you will be amazed at the different options he has. It is so nice to meet a business professional that is truly looking out for your best interest and I can assure you he does. Thanks Eric for all you do!”

Albert Threlkeld

Broker/Owner, Fundraiser

“For those independent contractors who need a trustworthy and professional agent to assist them with their insurance needs, Eric is the guy. I highly recommend him”
  • Jeffrey Johnson

    Been with Eric over 10 years - I'll never leave. He has helped me navigate thru a crippling disease that has left me debilitated. Through it all has supported me in my journey like no one else God bless Eric.

    Jeffrey Johnson
  • Janice Nyberg

    Thank you Eric!!! You have been an angel to us !!!!

  • Dr,. Nicole Hooper

    Thank you! You are a rock star and so appreciated for all our help for myself and my parents!