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00:20 No, doesn’t bother. So I feel good just checking out my man. Mike Segal, buddy, buddy. Buddy.
00:44 Come in. Good to have you with us. We get back to it. A big shower coming up. I thank you for being with us and spending some time here on a Friday night into Saturday morning. It is a pleasure. Uh, well it’s not a pleasure. Is the disruption of medical care that happened when obamacare came into place. And of course now we no longer have the individual mandate. Many would argue without the individual mandate. Um, thanks to the tax reform, tax cut bill passed by the Congress and signed by the president. There is every reason to believe that Obama care can’t fund itself because the whole premise was that people would be forced to buy health insurance, have premiums that they pay and portions of those premiums that they pay would go to the poor to give the poor more insurance through Medicaid and the state federal government combination of contribution.

01:49 Of course, the problem with that is that many doctors don’t even want to get into Medicaid because they’d, it actually costs them money to treat people that are medicaid. The Medicaid, I should say, a medicare is not the problem. Medicaid is for the poor because of the amounts that are paid to the physicians. Many physicians will tell you, do not even cover the overhead. It’s not as if they’re not making a profit, but by taking medicaid patients, many argue they suffer a loss. And so there’s a huge problem with all this. And of course now obamacare was put in place strictly because Pelosi and Reid could not get through for Obama, a universal health care a better basically medicare for all. And so here we are, we’re joined by Eric Olsen. He’s the principal of Wilson Associates. It’s a company that specializes in health care insurance. So he deals with it every single day. And, uh, we’re delighted to have more than this. Mr Wilson, how are you? Let me try it again. Mr Wilson, are you with us? Have we lost our guest? Eric, are you there? Do we have a guest on the line?

03:14 Why? Can you hear me

03:16 now? I can. And um, we, we should have had a quicker response from the studio. We’ve got you now.

03:22 Okay, good. There we are.

03:23 Um, I didn’t want to leave that lingering like that for the audience, but nevertheless I went through the whole conversation. Uh, but I’ll just, uh, I’ll start with the premise that obamacare was accepted by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi signed into law by Barack Obama as, as a beginning step to universal health coverage, single single payer, which would be of course the federal government. Would you agree that they ca they use this as a first step to get to that point?

03:54 I think they thought it would be great for everybody, number one, and it would lead to that. And when people started, you know, if you remember the original argument, it was going to save $2,500 a year on your health insurance and liked your doctor and keep your doctor and some bureau and get doctors are going to get charged for $75 a month. It all sounded great. And if that’s all, if that’s great for everybody. Well then here we go with phase two. And of course they couldn’t get a phase one.

04:21 Exactly. So they put this in place and really wasn’t it really just a transfer of wealth, so to speak. And I don’t mean wealth and the billions. I just mean wealth or funds going from, let’s say their big focus in passing obamacare was the premise that young people would be required to pay premiums for health insurance and because they need health care far less than people as they age, that the premiums they paid could be used by the insurance companies to take care of the costs for, for taking care of the poor under Medicaid. Wasn’t that part of the premise of obamacare?

05:01 Well, I, I think it was part of, I think it was a healthy pay for the sick and the wealthy pay for the poor for the poor. And you’re going to assume it. The younger people are healthier so they’re not going to use the care and the older people are going to use carer. But you know, when they passed the law, they made it so that the, the, the young people had to pay more for insurance and you know, pre obamacare, okay, I’m doing this a long time, you know, a 25, 26, 27 year old could get a catastrophic plan for like 80 bucks. And that was the toughest sale out there because $80 a month is a lot of money for a young person. So. So now that plan is three slash 25. So if they didn’t fight at $80, they’re not going to buy it is 3:25.

05:47 Yeah, no, that, that makes eminent sense. And the one I’m really trying to get to is that it was social of people’s lives. It was taking money out of the pockets of those who could pay and putting it in effect into the pockets of those who couldn’t pay in order to get those who couldn’t pay the health insurance that they need. Because we had a lot of people who did not have coverage. Isn’t that what early? There’s a theory was so, so, but you’re forcing people to buy insurance. Which against Justice Roberts decided that it was a tax and not a penalty, and therefore he went along with it, which to me was bogus. He was just trying to find a way for the, for the court not to take it away. He figured, I think that we’d done at the ballot box if somebody wanted to get rid of Obamacare, they both from people who opposed it and that would be that. But um, but the, the fact is that it really. Look, let’s get to the bottom line. When Hillary Clinton in 1993 tried to try to do the same thing, uh, by going around the country wanting a healthcare with single payer a, this is not about healthcare. This is about control of about 15 to 18 percent of our economy in the medical field, which is about 15 to 18 percent, uh, by the government. Isn’t that really what it’s about? Power and control over a vast amount of money.

07:17 Control everything. You can kind of control their lives. And that’s kind of where it starts. And that’s where, that’s where the hell are you. The Hillary thing wet for obamacare was trying to go and still trying to go. I think.

07:28 Oh, there’s no question about it. Then. I guess my point would be is that the free marketplace can be made to work in order for people to be able to get what they need. For example, instead of having Medicaid where a lot of doctors don’t even treat patients under Medicaid, they can’t afford to because it was money on the amounts they get versus the amount of overhead cost them to even treat the patient. So isn’t it true? There are a lot of doctors who won’t treat people under Medicaid.

08:02 Now there’s a lot of doctors aren’t accepting Obamacare, very similar prices. So if we went to a single payer type system, guess what? There’s no doctor the treatment

08:13 and then there’s $32,000,000,000,000 of cost to the American people according to the national budget office, which is an amount of money on top of what we already. Oh, but what about the idea of getting rid of medicaid altogether as a process and just say that the federal government will issue vouchers to people who qualify under Medicaid and they get the voucher which they can give to anyone of any insurance companies that are certified as legitimate health policy offering companies and you give the voucher to that company and then the government pays you premium when no overhead, there’s no bureaucracy, wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper and it would give the dignity to the poor to be able to have health insurance like everybody else.

09:02 Oh for sure. That then Obamacare, they expanded Medicaid and a lot of stuff. You know, and I mean I think, you know, you got to help people in need, but with the old, with the Medicaid expansion, you have abled able bodied working Americans now on Medicaid as well, which is, you know, the system’s already underfunded and so now you’ve got people that could qualify or, or parts of a regular health insurance that are working in Medicaid to getting the right carrier.

09:32 Yeah. And that’s the best because they’ve expanded the definition of Medicaid. And you actually is, I think 125 or 150 percent over the poverty level can now qualify for Medicaid. That’s a big part of the problem. Will come right back and pick it up with Eric Wilson. He’s a specialist in healthcare insurance. And get into this whole issue of the fraud that obamacare has perpetrated on the American people. Mike Segal and stay with us.

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14:11 here.

14:21 And we’re back at it to have you with us. Mike Segal in. As we get back into the conversation with Eric Wilson, the Wilson is involved in the insurance industry’s principle of Wilson Associates. They specialize in healthcare insurance. Uh, Mr Wilson, the large numbers of people because of Obamacare is still around and still being talked about. And frankly it’s about the number one issue among the American people, even though there’s a lot of other, a radical conversation on a whole range of issues and not issues really by the Democrats. The fact is that the American people are most concerned about substantive issues and healthcare is right at the top of the list. So let’s, let’s get to that. Because when the mandate was in place, isn’t it correct that huge numbers of young people would not buy health insurance instead they paid the penalty instead of the insurance. Is that correct?

15:15 That is correct, yes. Do we know what the numbers were? 11 million people that pay the penalty. Another 5 million. We’re doing alternative types of exemptions.

15:30 So I guess the point I would make is the American people didn’t accept it and we knew from the polling that about 60 percent of the American people consistently opposed obamacare relentlessly that tens of thousands of people in rallies and all of that. So it was never really something that the American people accepted. It was forced on them in effect. And then the. And then it turned out that many people refuse to buy the insurance so it wasn’t going to work anyway. Uh, how many people did we wind up having you on insurance who had been off of insurance because they were poor? Do we know how many people. I wasn’t anywhere near the number they expected. As I recollect that

16:12 the largest thing came from Medicaid expansion. And the one thing that people talked about, $50, million uninsured Americans in the country, you know, pre obamacare. A lot of people that didn’t have insurance or actually eligible for Medicaid at that time and didn’t even realize, so a lot of those people ended up on Medicaid and of course they expanded Medicaid, but the biggest number came from from the Medicaid expansion and not from the insurance sector and the reason we’re still. There’s still 30 million on uninsured, so

16:45 obamacare never really worked and it wasn’t going to work because the young people who’ve paid the penalty instead of taking the insurance, we’re not supplying enough money for Medicaid to expand the way they hoped it would. In other words, they were going to transfer the funds from the people required to pay insurance premiums for health insurance and but there wasn’t enough anywhere near the money that they thought they would have to do that.

17:09 Right.

17:10 So it wound up that it was a failure while the other. So if we still had large numbers of the poor who were not part of the healthcare process, then we have the other situation with respect to Medicaid being expanded as you said, but wasn’t it expanded to people who are actually above the poverty line than Obama expanded it to people who were arguably part of the middle class where they were getting subsidies, not the full hundred percent payment of the premium, but a substantial portion of the premium.

17:47 The Medicaid side went wherever they were. You were, you ended up on Medicaid and that was expanded and people qualified there, which they couldn’t find doctors that would accept it. And then you had, you know, the people just above the up to 450 percent of the poverty level, got some forum or still do get some form of a subsidy to help you buy traditional insurance. So, so we, we have that side of our tax dollars going into subsidizing, you know, a blue cross or an anthem or am better or whatever company it is.

18:24 Well first of all, let’s go back to the point that Obama made. You could keep your doctor, keep your policy or your plan. Those were both lies, weren’t they?

18:35 Yes. They were suffering from the beginning. Knew that your, your plants, how many plans got cancelled immediately because they didn’t meet the requirements of obamacare. Uh, the plans that you had. So you know, with a maternity mandates and some of the abortion funding and some of the plans that all plants and mental health was a big issue on a lot of plants that didn’t have. That didn’t mean they were junk policies. It means it didn’t have some of the stuff there. And you know, in the old days you could turn pages to customized. I don’t need mental health, I don’t need maternity comfort, you know, I went to the catastrophic stuff. Well that all became illegal. So the more you require a plan to have, first of all divorced that a cost to the whole saving 2,500 that was never going to happen. And then get your insurance company is losing billions of dollars and then they had to tighten our network down there. Then you had to lose your Dr Phil County,

19:27 Arizona had no medical plan for a period of time, none. And that’s only one example. That’s one I happen to know of, but there were other counties across the country with the same problem and that was because you had united healthcare, Aetna, cigna, all the big companies saying, we can’t afford to do this anymore. We’re out of here. Right? Right. So they left and

19:51 lost a billion dollars a year on the individual market

19:55 and the hole that was, in my opinion, designed by Obama and Pelosi and Reid, because what they really wanted was for people to lose their health insurance with the private insurers so that they can wind up having the federal government become the insurer of last resort. That when people saw no option, as I mentioned, Pinal County, Arizona, at that point in time, what was somebody gonna do? Um, they, you know. So if you get enough of the country in the same situation where insurance companies are just getting out of the healthcare field, then you just wind up with the inevitable result, which is the federal government taking it over, which is exactly what their strategy was in the first place, wasn’t it

20:45 in the healthcare field, the least, and then take control of that industry through the federal government. We also had the problem and will beside the fact that I think people voted against obamacare by not paying the premiums. We also had the problem of individual policies. I know people personally who were devastated because they couldn’t go out and get a policy. Now, if you had a group plan that you were part of it, your company that could still be maintained and uh, you could work out whatever it was. Maybe they would increase your portion of your share of paying the premium, but you still had the policy. But I, I’ve been individuals who had their policies arbitrarily cancelled, correct?

21:31 Yes, they did. Because they did. They did. Well, it actually happens every year. First of all, they had back in 2012 when fully go God, you know, they canceled a bunch of policies because they weren’t compliant with the law, so you lost your policy and you had to go to an affordable care act qualified policy which was significantly more expensive and had you know, higher deductibles, higher out of pocket. So that was one. But then now it’s every year they’re canceling policies because either the policy that you have doesn’t meet the requirement anymore to the actuarial value, so they have to cancel the plan or the company is pulling out of the market. So you lose your plan again. So you know, pre obamacare, if a company left the market, you could still keep your plant. Do they just left the market and you know, they say we’re not selling anymore. We’re not selling a more plans in Columbus, Ohio or wherever else. But you’re still keep the plan for as long as you wanted it. Now

22:29 everybody they pull out of a market and see you later. That’s what happened to people basically. See you later is absolutely right. We’re going to come right back and pick it up with Eric Wilson of Wilson and associates and get into this. I’m really the elements of why our health insurance system is not working, even though it seems more people are happier with Obamacare, which makes no sense to me because it’s a. it’s not doing the job and we’ll talk about that next one when we come back.

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27:21 We’ll get back to and Mike Segal and nice to be here as we get into the issues of healthcare, which is the single most important issue to Americans, Democrats who are trying to bring the conversation back to normal issues, which is not very many of them, but some of them. And what they’re trying to do is to talk about healthcare somehow that we have a problem. Uh, the Republicans never repealed obamacare. Uh, all they got done was repealing the individual mandate. So the, it sits out there out there in limbo. And we’ve never really confronted, dealt with any options or changes in that regard. And so I guess what I’m saying is that the congress of the United States has abdicated its responsibility to the American people and people were concerned about how they get their healthcare. And um, of course, obviously healthcare is different than health insurance.

28:18 But the question is, if you don’t have proper insurance or proper policies in place, how do you wind up getting the health care? Because if you don’t have the funds, you don’t get the care in many cases, unless you perhaps an illegal alien who goes to the emergency room and then they have to treat you. Anyway. I’m Eric Wilson of Wilson and associates. Dear Mr Wilson. Let me get into the point you made earlier and amplify it. The one of the problems that were many, but one problem with obamacare was the fact that. And by the way, another problem we did mention, if you have over 50 employees, you would have to buy insurance for people if they worked over 30 hours a week under obamacare. And of course what happened was a restaurant chains and businesses such as that food fast food places have people work 28, 29 hours a week so they wouldn’t have to buy the health insurance.

29:09 So it, it, it changed the way they had the function as well. But it is, isn’t it also correct. And you sold the policies, I assume that you said it earlier, they required, for example, a man’s policy might require pregnancy coverage, which made no sense, uh, have to cover a psychological therapeutic sessions, um, have to cover things that somebody might never use. And what the companies had to do was raise the premiums in order to cover. And when the premiums got to the point of being absurd, uh, many of the companies just said, look, we can’t do this anymore. So that’s part of why they left. Because what they would have to cover in every policy was way more than what was justified for that policy. And the individual had no option to get lesser coverage if they chose to do that. Was that correct?

30:05 That is correct. All the plants have what they call it, essential health benefits, mandated benefits, but being one mental health being one of the big ones got work, typically optional and you know, prior to. But you know, every, every, every benefit that you require, everything has a price tag to it. So you know, the more you put in the policy, the more it’s going to cost. You know, I’ll use the example, you know, if they fell off and said you can no longer buy a cheese pizza, you have to buy two topping pizza, still paying for the topic. So

30:37 good point.

30:41 That’s a good analogy because you can go to. I’ve done this, I can’t remember where, but I’ve done it a getting a pizza and they have a sale with the two topping pizza, but let’s just say it might’ve been five 99, but to buy a. and I remember this happening to buy just a cheese pizza of the same size wasn’t on sale. So that would be seven 99. So you actually got the two topping pizza cheaper even though you only wanted a cheese pizza. And if you don’t put the toppings on, they’re going to charge you seven 99. Right? And so that’s what, that’s a good analogy to what’s happening here is that you’re getting embellished with all this coverage and it’s never going to be used in some of these cases.

31:28 A certain age, 58, 59, 60 man or woman, you know, you probably don’t need those benefits, but you’re, you’re paying for that. And you know, you can, you could argue that, you know, childbearing years, younger people, okay, if you put it in both policies and made into a woman is going to offset each other in the end. And you know, I think that was driving when they were trying to make. But at some point that’s got to go with me. A single guy should never have to buy it either, but you make that argument. Okay. But at some point, you know, back that stuff out and say, okay, you know, we’re going to assume that most people over age 50 aren’t gonna have children and let’s let, let, let’s back $200 a month out their pals because that’s about what it adds to it.

32:11 And so you wind up having an uncontrolled system because the government’s imposing on the families and on the companies. And it was really, and I’m in my, again, I’ll go back to my point so people understand this. The real intent was to basically take a in health insurance and make it a national single single payer policy being the US government because the left wingers, uh, and the Democrats want the government to control healthcare and the, the, the, a huge amount of the economy that it is. So we have those requirements and those premiums and that’s why the premiums went way up. People couldn’t afford them. People were being dropped. And then there were companies giving notices to people. They were dropping them. And then people had to scamper around to try to find other coverages, if I recollect correctly. Is that right?

33:07 Your plan is being cancelled if cancelled or what’s most companies are not too many companies still leaving the marketplace that that’s kind of weeded itself out. But you know, even like, you know what all are carrying your plans so your plants, we’re going to move you from this plan and that plan and this plan might have a, might have more benefits and you know, either way it costs you more, you know, so you’re seeing people use their policies canceled, they go a similar plan with higher cost and not only does that higher cost, it has a higher deductible and higher out of pocket limit that I had last year too. So I got, I got less coverage, higher premiums and higher deductibles.

33:54 What’s happening now? The renewal for obamacare begins November first. Correct?

34:00 The enrollment begins November first for January one start date. The rates have already been filed with the carrier. The plan designs are already out. So people are now getting to a letter to the people who are getting cancelled or gainers. Let those notifications now. Uh, but yeah, in about two weeks we opened up for the actual enrollment period.

34:18 Does it still require all of the elements that we had before, like the pregnancy coverage also contraception was required, right?

34:30 Yeah. They’re all there in, in, in, in all traditional major medical plan. Now the one thing that is coming back is the total fund short term plan. These were legal until April of 2016 and Actually Obama on his last days and office kind of made that a, a three months, uh, and it did it by executive action, a three month policy. So there was no value to the short term. That book, what people were doing were one of the ways you’re getting around obamacare. They were still paying the fine but they were still getting catastrophic coverage with a short term plan for 12 months. Well those, those are now illegal. Again, they’re underwritten and you know, they don’t have all the, all the pregnancy and those kind of things in there. There again, mostly catastrophic, but there they were available for sale in most states beginning October second.
35:19 But I have friends who got those 12 month policies as a temporary stop gap measure. And Franklin is. The coverage is terrible. I don’t know if it’s changed, but at that point the coverage was a bare bones. Am I correct?

35:34 Well, most of them are catastrophic. Let me know. It might be a $500 deductible. You pay everything under 5,000 so they’re not for everybody. But you know, for that young person that we were talking about earlier, the, you know, the 30 year old who doesn’t see a Dr hardly ever. That’s a good solution for the, for the guy who’s the person who’s 64 has 12 months to get the Medicare, you know, a good option. You know, the person who was very healthy. Again, who doesn’t need all those extra benefits and doesn’t want to pay $900 a month. No, there’s enough, you know. And, and, and quite honestly that’s where we really went wrong with healthcare in the first place is you know, your, your, your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover your oven if it’s broken your, your or your car doesn’t, doesn’t pay for your oil changes tires.

36:17 But yes, we want our health insurance to pay for those things. And if we, if we take a step back and say, what’s the purpose of health insurance? Well, I can afford a couple thousand dollars for my healthcare. I can’t afford it. If I have a $50,000 medical bill or even a $10,000 medical bill, stop insuring it will change it for the body. Then they guess what are the cost of health insurance could go down. Also the health, the cost of healthcare goes down because now you know everybody, everybody has an interest in the game, so to speak, interested in healthcare, and they start shopping around before they have an extra test done to see what the prices.

36:54 We’ll come right back and pick it up there. Mike, see Lynn with Eric Wilson of Wilson and associates.

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37:06 today,

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41:34 it’s a basic and fundamental catastrophe for the American people. Um, all right, so let me turn to the individual insured a person. Uh, I mentioned that earlier, but I want to focus on that just for a moment because I believe there were about six and a half million of those people who basically lost their plans. These plans now, uh, became so prohibitive that insurance companies canceled them. And individuals can not find insurance. I have friends, a married couple, they have a insurance of $1,800 a month for the two of them. Twenty 1,600 a year. They have a $10,000 deductibles each and copays now. So you’re talking that you’re going to pay $30,000 if the both of them got sick, God forbid a, they have $10,000 each as a deductibles that they have to pay. And then the, the uh, $21,000 a year that they have to pay for the premium.

42:37 So right away, uh, eight, they’d pay 21,000 plus $10,000 each for deductibles if they both get sick, that’s $41,000. If they both got sick and it’s very easy to build up a $10,000 medical bill and about 20 minutes. I mean all kinds of insurances that, that means it’s an absurdity. Now, you know, I mean, in one sense they were lucky because unfortunately she wound up getting breast cancer and it costs an excess of $100,000. So, um, you know, you would have never wanted it. And obviously, uh, but they did treat it and it’s written was in recession and she’s doing well. But, um, if that hadn’t happened, if it had been, let’s say it’s a smaller medical bill for each of them over that year and they wanted to pay him 40 grand in a year. What kind of insurance is that? The individual plans are, are terrible.

43:28 That’s the problem we didn’t even know they didn’t really realize is probably 90 percent of America gets their insurance through their job. Right? So, so we turn the entire system upside down for them for the 10 percent and other 10 percent, 10 percent of 10 percent. So probably one percent of America was quote unquote uninsurable and you know, and, and, you know, and we, we changed the entire system and like you said, now, now you have health insurance. But it, it, it’s um, you know, it’s not really, there’s a lot of problems having health insurance because like you said, it’s a lot of money and you gotta spend a lot of money before you could even use it. You got to be really sick to use it. So you can almost self insure yourself.

44:14 Health insurance is buy health insurance from you, Ms Dot Wilson from Wilson and associates. What would you say to them? Can you get them a reasonable policy?

44:27 Well, traditional, any major medical plan is going to be like that. So you have, you know, the same thing with blue cross. It was a blue cross or anthem and better those carriers, they’re all the same. Some of them are, are on the, on the exchange and Mike had a subsidy from the government. Many people don’t. So that’s option number one, the other options that are out there that, that are becoming very popular. Okay? Uh, there are, and you have to be creative. Okay? We talked, we talked earlier, but before the break about a short term plan, which is a 12 month plan, it’s underwritten, you know, the, the other side is everything else is under written. It’s out there. So if you’re healthy you can go 12 months, but yet be careful you’re going to buy a short term plan, you know, you gotta buy it like December first to December first. So if you do get stick know after 12 months they won’t renew it, so he has to be able to qualify for Obamacare, the next know during their open enrollment, the following.

45:21 I’m trying to get to a fundamental point here. Here’s the question. Somebody walks into your office, health insurance as a married couple or a single person walk in their forties or fifties, say between 45 and 55 years old, what kind of policy can you give that individual, whether a single person or a married couple?

45:48 Obamacare. That’s expensive in the short term plan. The third option, is it the faith based community. The Christian ministries are out there right now that they’re a viable option. There are a little different because your administrators are not insurance. They had a bunch of people pooling their money together to to share medical bills, which is a concept of becoming, you know, very strong. I would probably wrap that around some kind of cancer policy or something to go with it, but there’s ways to ways to get around it, but it’s not for everybody. You know, you have to do. There’s a lot of caveats in there because he’s up to these alternative type products, but there is a significant savings there if they weren’t

46:31 ministry plans and work that way and they covered it with the person had a fractured hip, fractured femur and wound up in the hospital for a week and in Rehab for a week and they covered both of those. Now they don’t cover the Rehab after leaving the hospital or the Rehab, know the weekly visit, but they covered the major stay, uh, and, and so, and they did it with people sharing their funds that they pay every month and the people administering the plan decide how to, how to send the money. But the money goes directly to people who had actual medical problems and it is an option. But so are you telling me then that, uh, that a single person can walk into your office and get, let’s say Blue Cross Blue Shield or aetna or united healthcare is as that unavailable to them?

47:23 Well, blue cross blue shield is an obamacare plan. Like we talked, you know, you can come get me, come get blue cross blue shield. It’s gonna be an obamacare plan with them,

47:38 husband and wife. You still have to get pregnancy insurance, right?

47:42 Yes.

47:44 And they still have to pay for contraception, correct?

47:48 Correct. Yes.

47:49 And they still have to pay for psychological therapy even though you’ve been mentally healthy, your whole lives together.

47:55 Correct.

47:56 So

48:01 yes.

48:02 Okay. So in other words, the major insurance companies are only offering obamacare plans. They’re not offering individual plans and the only option you have is either the ministry plan or the other 12 month plan.

48:19 Illegal.

48:21 We have three minutes left. What should we do to change all this?

48:27 Well, changes is a shifting culture. You’re seeing in healthcare and now and it’s not being done by Congress is being done by the doctors. Direct primary care. Basically. There are doctors out there now where you just pay a monthly fee to them 100 bucks a month or 50 bucks a month and you get unlimited primary care doctor. That doesn’t cover your catastrophic, but that covers your x rays and your Mris and your and your and your actual health care. So that will bring costs down eventually if they can come to a way to come back to like just a straight catastrophic plan with a direct primary care subscription problem solved. Yes. With a, with a catastrophic plan to a hospital plan to go with it. But you know,
49:27 what do you get the catastrophic plan?

49:29 Well, right. Well right now you can right now, right now we have to get that legislated to repeal obamacare and you’ll maybe Texas versus the United States will happen here when if they were still there, then come back to the old good old fashioned catastrophic plans and then we can bring, bring the cost of healthcare back down.

49:46 Okay. So right now you’re telling me that if you. I know some who’ve done that actually, and that covers your relationship to that doctor, but it doesn’t cover the blood test, it doesn’t cover the MRI, doesn’t cover any of those things, right?

50:06 The blood test, but not the MRI.

50:10 Then you need the catastrophic plan, but you can’t buy a catastrophic plan on that basis today, correct?

50:17 Correct. As of today, no.

50:19 Okay. So you’d have to buy it under obamacare, which means that 64 year old woman would have to get contraception and pregnancy insurance. Right?

50:27 Right. Correct.

50:28 The hat, how do you sell that with a straight face?

50:34 Right? Right. Now you need legislation that we need to get obamacare repealed so you can go back to traditional cash and go back to a traditional doctor, patient relationship and, and, uh, uh, care because right now, right now you can’t get too carried away. You can see the doctors you want. It costs you a lot of money to even have a health insurance policy.

50:57 Get rid of the individual mandate. We still have the requirement that companies with over 50 employees and the person works 30 hours a week. They have to give them health insurance, correct?
51:08 That’s correct, yes.

51:12 We really haven’t done much with little or nothing since getting rid of the individual mandate and the American people are very concerned about health insurance. As you know, the Republicans are going to have a hard time. There were a lot of other issues going on obviously, but they were going to have a hard time this November justifying the little or nothing they’ve done about healthcare in this country because they’ve done

51:36 right. Part of that is, you know, unfortunately, you know, we, we live only a few votes in the Senate that 60 votes and when obamacare passed, the Democrats had 60 votes in the Senate right now. So I know, I realize it’s a problem now because of the culture and the filibuster. Thank you very much. Mr Wilson. Eric Wilson. I appreciate your time, sir. Thank you. That’d be back.

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