If we had Government run health care, would the government answer their phone on Sunday??


I had a busy day on Sunday.  Technology always puts information at your finger tips.  I returned  home from my Son’s hockey game around 10 AM.  I had an email from a client who had to take her daughter to the emergency room the night before.  She had some questions and was curious if she would need claim forms or not.  So I went to my computer, pulled up her policy and was able to help her quickly.  We exchanged a half a dozen emails.

About an hour later, another call.  A client needed to take is wife to a hospital. It was not a medical emergency, but he was out of town, and wanted to find a network hospital.  So again, I logged in found where he was, and guided him to the nearest medical facility.

If we ended up with Government run health care, or we go to the insurance exchange that is being formed?  Who would these clients contact on a Sunday?  I guess they could just go to the hospital and see what happens.  They can be curious how much is being paid for thirty or forty days until they get the invoice from the hospital.

I have been an insurance broker for over ten years.  I have to say this is not the first time I have gotten these calls.  I do know if you purchase off the Internet, you cannot call the Internet to ask a question.

What will happen if when the health care law is fully implemented, there are not health insurance brokers??

Just some things to consider.

Eric Wilson is President of I Sell Health, Inc.  A Chicago area insurance agency.  He can be reached toll free at 888-448-5370  or online at www.isellhealth.com


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Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson
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