Health Truths…The Good, The Bad and the Ugly


The Good news…

In America, Cancer survival rates are nearly 70%.  That is great that so many people can beat this horrible disease.  The bad news is if you are an adult male there is a 58% chance you will get cancer before you are 65.  If you are an adult female there is a 33% chance you will be diagnosed with cancer.

Heart failure death rates are down nearly 33% since the 1950’s.  This is great news!  Back then almost 19% of heart attack victims died within 30 days of being admitted to the hospital. By 1995, only 14.6 of heart attack patients died in the hospital, and in 2006 just under 10% died in the hospital.

More unfortunate statistics.

According to the American Heart Association…

Stroke affects more than 700,000 Americans every year.  About 500,000 are first attacks, the other 200,000 are recurrent attacks.

Someone in the United States dies from a stroke every 3 minutes. 12% of Americans will die of a stroke.  Stroke is the leading cause of disability among adults in the U.S.  More than four million Americans have survived a stroke, but are living with the after effects.

Four out of five families will be affected by a stroke over the course of a lifetime. The current statistics for stroke survival rates are…

10% of stroke victims recover almost completely

25% of stroke victims recover with minor impairments

40% of stroke victims experience moderate to severe impairments requiring special care.

10% of stroke victims require care in a long-term care facility or other long-term care facilities.

15% die shortly after a stroke

14% of people have a stroke or a TIA will have another within one year.

About 25% of all stroke victims will have another one within 5 years.

I guess the good news is 88% of Americans will not suffer a stroke.

More bad news…

If you are a male there is a 95% chance you will develop cancer, suffer a stroke or a heart attack in your lifetime.  If you are a female there is a 70% chance you will suffer from one of these.

While a good insurance agent cannot prevent any of these from happening, They can help you protect your retirement and other assets.

Thanks for reading…

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Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson
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