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It has been a while since I have blogged a rant!! But that is what I am going to do today!


Today I read two pieces one where one of Rep. Mark Walker, (R) North Carolina was speaking at his town hall about the states lone insurer raising rates another 23% this year.  His constituents said, they would only go up about 9 percent if President Trump guaranteed Obamacare’s insurer subsidies next year.”  Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC did say the premium hike would be about 9 percent if the Trump administration committed to paying cost-sharing reduction reimbursements in 2018.

The next was an article in US News and World Report, written by J. Mario Molina, former CEO of Molina Healthcare.  In his article, he says The Affordable Care Act isn’t raising your premiums, the Republicans are.  Molina makes the same reference to the Trump administration refusing to commit to reimbursing health plans for the cost-sharing reduction.

Now I will give you the truth!  The cost-sharing reduction payments were never authorized by Congress.  Then President Obama believed it could be funded via the executive branch.  That authority let to the Republican let lawsuit that argues only Congress has the authority to appropriate the funds.

A court ruled in 2016 against the Obama administration, endangering the future of these payments.  The Obama administration appealed the ruling.  It is up now to the Trump administration if they will pursue the appeal.


Here is the truth of the matter, the funds do have to be appropriated by Congress, not the President, so President Obama illegally funded these cost-sharing reductions.  As always know the facts!  Do not blame the Republicans or the current President for following the Constitution of the United States of America.  The Affordable Care Act was always a bad law, which then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ( D) California so eloquently said something along the lines of you have to pass the health care law to see what is in it.  So when they saw it, they had to illegally fund it.

Sorry the rant is over!  Thanks for reading.