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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Signed legislation this week regarding Telehealth services.  Specifically the new law prohibits health plans from requiring: 1.)  That an in-person contact occur between a health care provider and a patient; 2.) That a patient use telehealth services when the patient has chosen an in-person consultation; or 3.) That a patient use telehealth services when the health care provider has determined that it is not appropriate. The law requires health care providers to document any barriers to an in-person consultation. The law also makes clear that its provisions do not preclude a health insurer from providing benefits for other services via telehealth.

For information on telehealth click here.

Also what would be covered under the legislation is what the new advancement in telemedicine which is a video chat with a doctor 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Many people prefer this version because you can see the doctor instead of just talking to him.  Also the doctor could see something like perhaps a rash on you for better diagnosis.  For information on this type of healthcare, which is almost like a modern day house call click here.


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