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I write this one straight from my heart.  Back in April my Father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.  He was spirited played golf during his radiation and chemotherapy.  I figured man this guy is going to beat this thing.

In mid July, he started having trouble walking, in a matter of about 5 days,  he went from playing golf, to walking with a cane, to crutches to a wheel chair in that short of a time.  He was basically paralyzed from the waist down.

The Cancer doctor referred him to a spinal cord surgeon who performed the spinal cord surgury.  There was three weeks in the hospital for rehabilitation.  He could not do chemotherapy or radiation during this time.  He is dismissed from the hospital, he still cannot walk and we are told that if he walks again it would be six or eight months.  He is doing therapy at home, but still no chemo or radiation.  During his rehab he loses the use of his right shoulder ( we assume it was a tumor that had spread).  The therapist could no longer do anything because he could not push off the right side.  Still no chemo or radiation.  In September, he meets with the surgeon who performed the back surgery.  He could not understand while they had not started chemo again.  We call the cancer doctor make an appointment, he runs some test, but does not start or talk about chemo and radiation.  He schedules another appointment for early October.  I was making plans to go to that visit with him so I could try and get the answers.  He started hospice care on September 30th.  On October 5th the cancer doctor’s office called to confirm the October 8th appointment, which we obviously no longer needed.  Ironically they did not know we had started hospice.  He passed away on October 12th.

Now, I am not sure if this was a death panel (though I believe it was), I do think that it was rationed care, though I cannot prove it yet.  You see under the death panels if you are over 70 years old, you lose your value to society under what we call Obamacare.  At his age, he was no longer working, so there was no income tax coming in.  He was collecting Social Security.  Was he just a number and a burden to society??  Boy I hope not.  Maybe he was just sick and there was nothing they could do.  They sure did not communicate with us.  Dad Rest In Peace.

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