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Edward Morrisey of the Fiscal Times asked in a recent column if the current Administration has thought through their threats to force religious healthcare providers to offer insurance that covers all services, even if those services run contrary to religious beliefs. For example, if Catholic bishops decide to close charitable operations rather than compromise their beliefs, the impact would be greatest on those most in need:
• The loss of $100 billion in healthcare costs now covered by church hospitals
• The loss of one-seventh of all U.S. hospital beds, about 120,000 existing beds
• The loss of more than 400 health center s and 1,500 specialized homes
• The loss of more than 500,000 jobs
Government-run health care might win, but many of these facilities provide care to the poor, especially the urban poor, and those in rural areas who have limited healthcare options.
This is one more way ObamaCare is a disaster for an already fragile economy and an over-burdened healthcare system!