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My family took a hard blow yesterday!  My father at age 72 was diagnosed with lung cancer.  I have always seen my father as the biggest winner of all time.  In a tough world we live in, my Dad as seen his share of adversity.  He always ended up on top.  In my book he is 72-0!  Now he faces the biggest battle of his life.  Cancer wins most of the time.  While my family and I gear up for the fight of our life.  I have to say at least in 2012, there are no death panels yet.

What is a death panel??  In the health care reform law, there is what is called an Independent Advisory Board, which will basically dictate whether or not you can receive treatment.  It kind of looks  at your value to society.  Retired people in the law are seen more as a burden to society, as they do not work, do not generate income, and do not pay as much in taxes.  So at age 70, they can decide not to give you treatment.

Sarah Palin talked about this, and everyone said no there is no such thing in the law.  Barney Frank as since confirmed it.

Listen to the Phone Call from the Neurosurgeon here.

After listening to “Dr. Jeff”, his last name is never given, you see patients become units.  When you are a unit, you do not get advanced medical care, you get comfort care. 

To me, it is appalling that in the United States of America, where we have the best doctors and hospitals in the world, we are going to choose death over life.

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