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Well last week our great Nation’s debt surpassed $15 Trillion.  That’s right with a T. At this very second $15031,484,800,101.  How do we get out of this mess??


I met with one of my best clients last week.  His retirement state showed beginning value this year (January 1, 2011) of $166,011.76.  His statement one year ago was $152,781.21.  In September of this year his value was $176,866.05.  He thought he was having a good year, and then the October statement came and showed a value of $156,400.12.  In one month, he had lost an entire year’s worth of earnings.  How does he get out of that mess?

Warren Buffet always says Rule number 1 is “don’t lose money” . Rule number 2 is, see rule number 1.  It is unfortunate, that people continue to lose their entire retirement base on the debt crisis in the country and the instability of the stock market.

Let’s go back to the first question, how are we going to get out of the national debt crisis?  It seems logical to me there are two ways to get out of it.  The first is for the U.S Government to stop spending and balance the budget.  I guess I do not see that happening any time soon.  The other way is for the Government to create more income.  How do they do that?  You guessed it raise your taxes. 


So I ask you my first question.  In the future do you think taxes will go up or down?


Now let’s go back to my client from last week’s mess.  How does he get out of that situation?  He is tired of breaking rule number one.  We decided his best option was a 7702 (a) private plan.  On this plan he will never lose his principal.  He will have a death benefit to go with it.  And he is guaranteed to never get worse than a 3% return on that principal.  Many of these plans will do seven or eight percent.  Here is the best part.  You can take the returns BEFORE or AFTER,   you turn 70 ½ years of age.  You are not forced to take distribution. 

Interested in becoming your own bank??  This plan can help you create your own banking system.  And if you do it all correctly, your withdrawals will be TAX FREE. 

Let me help you with your Tax Free Retirement.


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Eric Wilson is President of I Sell Health, inc.  and UnbELIevable BaLANCE.  A Chicago based insurance brokerage.  He specializes in Tax free retirement programs.  He can be reached toll free at 888-448-5370 or online at