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As you may or may not know the Medicare system is modified yearly, usually the Part B deductible goes up slightly as does the Part B Premium.  Here are the changes for this year as announced today.


Basic Part B Premium will be $99.90 per month.  That is down from $115.50 last year.*

Part B deductible has been decreased from $162 to $140.

Part A deductible was $1156.  In 2012 it will be $1132.

Co-pays for hospital stays days 61-90 will go up to $289 per day ( was $283 per day)

Co-pays for hospital stays days 91 and over will be $578 per day ( was $566 per day)

Skilled Nursing facility co-payment for days 21-100 will be $144.50 per day.  It is up from $141.50.


*As directed by the 2003 Medicare law, higher income beneficiaries will pay higher part B premiums than the basic amount.  That number goes up to individuals making over $214,000 they would pay a monthly part B premium of $319.70.

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