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Today, we added our new division of our company UnbELIevable BaLANCE.  The company focuses on Tax Free retirement plans.  Following the tax code 7702(a).  If you are like me, and believe that due to our great countries national debt, taxes have to go up in the future, then this is a product for you.  I had been doing tax deferred plans for many years.  I now believe, that taxes will go up so I am no longer sure I will be in a lower tax bracket when I retire.  The rules of money have changed.  The rules have changed, but the game of life continues.

UnbELIevable BaLANCE, is named for my kids ELI and LANCE.  I thought it was a catchy name, but your finances have to be unbelievably balanced to survive.


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Eric Wilson is president of I Sell Health, Inc. and Unbelievable Balance.  He can be reached toll free at 888-448-5370.