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While some politicians have referred to health insurance brokers as “administrative waste”, Here  is me this weekend  “wasting time”.


I was shopping in Wal-mart Friday night around 7:15pm, the cell phone rings and it is a client trying to complete his online application that we had discussed a few days before.  He had some questions as he had some medical conditions and he wanted to know which plans (if any) he would qualify for.

Later that same night, I am now home and the time is about 8:30, another call, this one is one of my dearest clients in Ohio.  She had been in a car accident and wanted to know what hospital to go to, should she go to an urgent care or the emergency room.  Lastly, she wanted to know if this was a situation where she could use both her major medical and the “Accident Only” plan that she carried.


The time wasting continued on Saturday around 10: 00 PM.  I am usually a sleep by this time, but fortunately this time I was not.  This time I get a call from one of my Medicare clients.  We had just changed their carrier a few weeks earlier, they did not even have their new ID cards yet.  My Client called and said she thought her husband was having a stroke, and needed guidance.  I first had to calm her down then, I guided her where to go, and what to give the hospital.


As you see, while the health care reform bill and the medical loss ratio has cut our income in half, we have not started giving a half an effort to our clients.

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Eric Wilson is President of I Sell Health, Inc.  A Chicago Area insurance brokerage.  He can be reached toll free at 888-448-5370