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Contact: Garry Polodna
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Webinar Being Presented on Buying Healthcare Insurance After Healthcare Reform

Elite Benefits of America is presenting a webinar on September 8 at 10am CST about buying health insurance after healthcare reform. Butch Zemar, Chief Sales Officer at Elite Benefits of America will share his insights on how to help prevent medical bankruptcy by insuring against it.

Because there is much confusion since the healthcare reform bill was signed into law, many are not sure if they will even have health insurance in the next 36 months. With the growing number of medical bankruptcies, many people may soon be joining those ranks.

Medical bankruptcies are on a rise according to a Harvard University study*. Updated in 2009, they indicated that 62% of bankruptcies are due to medical bankruptcies. “The sad thing is that nearly three-quarters of them had health insurance at the time of the onset. Zemar adds. The study also mentioned that medical expenses reached an out-of-pocket of just under $14,000. This includes deductibles, co-pays and services not covered by insurance.

So what is the real cause that put these Americans over the edge to file medical bankruptcy? If most of them had health insurance the out-of-pocket was manageable, then why so many bankruptcies?

There are already little known things that can help avoid medical bankruptcy. The webinar will provide insights from insurance experts. Those who are interested in attending the webinar need to go to by September 8. Elite Benefits of America will be sending information out the day before the webinar.

As an added bonus, those who join in on the call will receive a copy of “The Introduction to Buying Health Insurance After Healthcare Reform”. This report is a new release as of May 2011.

Elite Benefits of America is a national marketing organization representing the top 1% of independent health insurance advisors in America. They collectively identify, recommend and market only the absolute best value in major medical health insurance.

Butch Zemar of Elite Benefits of America can be reached at 708-535-3006.