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Today I pay a tribute to an insurance industry hero. My friend, Randy Gillespie. Randy, I call a friend, though I never actually met him.
Randy tried to recruit me to work for is agency about five years ago, we had both at one point worked for Mega Life and Health Insurance company, He was gone from that company, I was looking to get out. I listened to every word he said, but I started my own agency instead.
Randy and I talked about once or twice a month from that day on. We would bounce ideas off each other, help each other out when possible. He even gave me some investment advice.
One thing I will say is Randy always, always, did what was best for his clients. Sometimes you find an agent doing what is best for himself and not the client, not often, but sometimes. Randy never did what was best for him, he did what was best for others.
About one month ago, I called Randy’s office for our monthly chat. His wife, Lisa, answered the phone and informed me he was in a coma. I got the Caringbridge updates daily, and as I would read them every day I would shout “wake up Randy!”
Sadly, today the insurance industry lost one of the great ones. I pray for Lisa his wife and his son Sam.