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Happy belated Fourth of July! I hope this email finds you and your family in good health.

There is so much confusion on the horizon since the healthcare reform bill was signed into law. Many are not sure if they will even have health insurance in the next 36 months. With the growing number of medical bankruptcies, how will you know you will not be joining those ranks?

This is why I’m putting on a webinar about buying health insurance after healthcare reform. You may have already chosen me to be your trusted advisor, and I appreciate that. However, you may enjoy this call. I will share with you some of my own insights on how to help prevent medical bankruptcy by insuring against it.

Medical bankruptcies are on a rise according to a Harvard University study. Updated in 2009, they indicated that 62% of bankruptcies are due to medical bankruptcies. The sad thing is that 75% of them HAD health insurance at the time of the onset. So was health insurance the real problem? The study also mentioned that medical expenses reached an out-of-pocket of just under $14,000. This includes deductibles, co-pays and services not covered by insurance. Yes, there are services not covered by insurance or you exceeded your internal limit of the policy – virtually every policy out there has limits. This money can add up but I’m sure most working American’s can manage that size of a bill if their health depended on it.

So what really drove these people over the edge to file Medical Bankruptcy? If most of them had health insurance the out-of-pocket was manageable, then why so many bankruptcies?

There are already little known things that can help you avoid medical bankruptcy. It’s important that you are on this call. But there is a catch! Space is limited. We need you to  email me at and let us know you want to join the webinar or click here and give us your name and email address in order to receive the webinar information. You need to do this by July 26th in order to be let in on insights from the experts. We will be sending the information out the day before the webinar.

Bonus: As an added bonus, for those who join us on the call will receive a copy of our “The Introduction to Buying Health Insurance After Healthcare Reform”. This is a new release as of May 2011, so it is hot off the press. Make sure you attend.

Do not delay, deadline is July 26th. Be sure to reply or click here and provide us with your name and email address.