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Back in April, I wrote an article about critical Illness, possibly being the most important policy.  Well I was reading an article this weekend in Agent Sales Journal written by J.R. Jordan.  It was written really to assist brokers in selling the product, but a few of the questions really kind of hit home with me so I thought I would share them, not really as a sales pitch, but just to show why a CI policy is a good idea.

Do you know someone who has suffered from a heart attack, stroke or cancer?

Was their quality of life affected in a negative manner?

If I had a product that could give you $10,000 or $25,000 or even more if you suffered a critical illness would you want that money?

If you called me six months, after having a heart attack, stroke or cancer, would you want a get well card, or a check for $25,000?

Has anyone in your family ever had an accident?

Did you have to go to a medically qualified physician because of the accident?

Did you incur out of pocket expenses because of the accident?

If I had a plan that covered you and your entire family for $5000 of accident protection with only a $100 deductible, would you be interested?

I thought these were all good questions, and with the cost of health insurance we are seeing more and more higher dedcutible plans, more and more $5000 deductible plans are being sold.  I myself have one.

I also wrap an accident and Critical Illness policy around it.

This is the plan I use for myself and most of my clients.  It is a great value for the entire family and covers both accident and Critical Illness.

Accident plans are becoming more and more popular especially with younger families.  Myself, while I could have a critical illness tomorrow, I am more concerned with the accident.

Thanks for reading.

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