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A 2010 study by LIMRA ( formally called Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association), which is a financial services research company found that…

30%  of households nobody in the household has life insurance.

50% of American households feel they are under-insured

70% of families with children under age 18 would have a hard time paying bills if the primary wage earner died unexpectedly

The study also found the main reasons American put off life insurance was because they…

Have other financial priorities

Feel it is too expensive

Have difficulty deciding what type of life insurance to buy


One thing is for sure.  Life Insurance premiums are based upon your age at the time you purchase the policy.  Therefore, you will never be able to purchase life insurance any cheaper than you can TODAY!

Protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Eric Wilson is President of I Sell Health, Inc.  He services the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and New Hampshire.