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We hear many times, that my rates went up.  Or I cannot afford to have health insurance.  I ask everyone, can you afford not to have health insurance?

Now, what everyone has to remember is for every benefit option in a plan there is cost associated with that benefit.  Whether it be a new Federal Mandate ( such as preventative care in the PPACA).  Or the privilege of having a co-pay when you see a doctor.  Everything has a little price.

What I reccomend to most people first is to take the highest deductible you could afford if something happened to you.  I prefer an HSA qualified product.

On the plan I have for example for Myself and family, I have a $5000 deductible HSA plan.  I will pay the first $5000 for any claim, then I have 100% coverage after that.  On this plan I will have to pay for doctor visits and prescriptions until I pay that $5000.  I also have my HSA funded at $5000 so I can use that money for any qualified medical expense.  I can fund the HSA up to $6100 per year, but believe that funding to the deductible is fine, as I am not trying to make it a retirement account.  The HSA plan leaves me with a lower premium and lower out of pocket maximum that I would have on a more traditional plan.  I do  not mind if I have to pay $100 for a doctor visit.

I kind of try to treat my health insurance the same way as I treat my car and home insurance.  My car insurance does not pay for my oil changes, but I still get one every 3000 miles.  If my oven goes, I cannot claim that either on my homeowners insurance.

Just some things to think about when purchasing a health plan.

thanks for reading!