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Today the House of Representatives is voting on Repeal of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act that was passed in March.  With Republicans in control of the House it is likely to be passed, it may or may not make it through the Senate.

Either way here is what bill NEEDS to do.  We do not need a 3.8% tax on the sale of my home or a $50,000 tax on failing hospitals, or taxes on companies who make medical equipment.

Here are the answers!! I hope Congress reads this…

1)    Allow purchase of insurance across state lines.  Medical Mutual of Ohio for example is an outstanding plan.  I cannot get it in Illinois.

2)    Extend HIPPA to the individual market.  HIPPA currently, goes from individual health to group health, or group health to group health, but if you go from group health to individual health, you can be denied.  What HIPPA does is basically if you have a pre-existing condition and you had insurance they cannot exclude it on a group plan.  Make that the same if you go to individual health.  That will give people incentive to purchase health insurance.  That said, if you choose not to purchase insurance until you get sick, the insurer should not be responsible to treat you.  It  would be like buying home insurance while you house is burning down.  I would say you can purchase it after you get sick with say an 18  month waiting period or we extend the state risk pools and you need to stay on that for 18 months, before an individual plan will insure you.

3)    Malpractice law suits.- This is a big one.  I think if there is incompetence involved yes you can sue to no end.  Meaning if I need surgery on my left leg, and you operate on my right leg well that is incompetence.   If I have a heart attack and I die in surgery, well that is not incompetence it is human nature, you should not be able to sue for that.

4)    Eliminate the practice of getting insurance through your job.  I know when I had my corporate job, I hated it.  I stayed there for years because of health benefits.  That was before I knew I could buy it on the individual market for less.  That practice was designed as a “perk”, could still be a perk, but do not require a company to insure you.  Your company does not pay for your auto insurance (unless you have a company car, which is also a “perk”).

5)    Medicare and Security- As written earlier this week, we need to work until we are older.  Sorry.  When Social Security was signed into law in the 30’s, the average person was dead by age 63, so the average person never collected it, let alone collect it for 30 years.  Medicare in the 60’s, the average person did not live into their 70’s, so the plan again was not designed to cover you until you were in your 90’s.  Change retirement age to age 75.

6)    Have hospitals display what charges are before you go into surgery.  I had a client who gave birth by a C-Section and the Anesthesiologist charged $14,900 for an epidural.  The going rate from what I hear is $2900.  Should the insurance carrier have to pay $14,900 for the epidural?  Should the insured??  Have a maximum each place can charge maybe by their rating The Mayo Clinic should be able to charge more than Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet, IL.  A board certified Anesthesiologist should be able to charge more that a guy who just got out of Medical School, but make it realistic.

7)    Children on policies: The new law says children can stay on a parent’s policy until age 26.  This one I do not understand.  I do understand it if they are pursuing an advanced degree.  With Celtic Insurance in Illinois, a 26 year old can get a co-pay plan with prescription for $83 a month.  Not bad!!  As far as providing insurance for what were called children with pre-existing conditions, if you follow the idea of HIPPA being extended to the individual market, they can be insured so long as the family had insurance at the time of birth of the child and never let a plan lapse for more than 63 days.