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I read a posting today by Bob Graham in  the post is listed below.

This is a fabulous article.  She makes many of the points I have been saying for years.  I always try to equate health insurance to Auto and Home insurance EXCEPT Home and Auto can cancel you for too many claims.  Despite what you hear from the White House, Health Insurance you cannot be cancelled for claims except in the event of fraud, meaning you had a pre-existing condition that you did not tell the insurance carrier at the time of application.

Dr. Orient says and I quote from IAFWEB ” The disagreeable truth-a relentless law of economics-is that you cannot insure a pre-existing. If you wreck your car State Farm pays only if you had insurance before the accident.  If you do not have insurance your options are take a bus, walk, ride a bicycle, get help from friends or family,or come up with money from to buy a new car from some source other than a car insurance company.”

The policy also talks about having insurance through your job being stuck with what is called “job lock”, basically being in a job you hate solely for insurance benefits.  She also talke about what we call in the insurance world as the “death spiral”  Which is basically an insurance pool being full of sick people because the healthy move out of one plan when the rates get high, and the sick cannot move.  She asks a great question here..

Is that the wicked insurance carriers fault or human nature?

The last thing she says again is what I have been saying since at least 2004.  We need to break the connection between health insurance and employment.

Forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions WILL put them out of business, which I think was the idea all along.  Our current reform, comes with a high price tag that could bankrupt everyone.

We also heard them talk before the bill got passed of going to a single payer system ( the Government) a system like Medicare for everyone.  The United States is currently Trillions of dollars in debt.  How would they pay for our health care?

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