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Today in the HUFFINGTON POST, there was an interesting article written by Richard Kirsch.  I have never met Mr. Kirsch.  He wrote an article today entitled REPEALING HEALTH CARE REFORM COULD KILL 32,000 PEOPLE A YEAR.

A lot of what Mr. Kirsch says are valid points.  Here is where I see flaws in his argument.  He is basing his argument on numbers he has gotten from our Government on how many people health care reform will insure.  They say 32 million.  Here are some facts about those 32 million according to the US CENSUS BUREAU.  Of those 32 million uninsured Americans…

6.4 million are enrolled in Medicaid or a State CHIP plans, but reported to the census taker they were not. ( this results in a Medicaid under-count as well)

4.3 million are eligible for Medicaid or S-CHIP, but have not enrolled.

5 million are childless adults, mainly young and healthy who simply wish not to pay for insurance

10.1 million have an income of $66,000 a year or more for a family of four, but ELECT to remain uninsured.

I just accounted for 25.8 million of the uninsured that he was referring to.

Now he also reference’s many people who do not have insurance because they lost their job.  He also referenced a man in Virginia who did not have insurance, because his company did not offer benefits.  I have been saying for a decade now, that is one of the problems with our health care system.  We should ELIMINATE that part of the equation.  If everyone bought an individual plan, you would not have to worry about loosing your job and your benefits.

I never understood why it was your companies job to insure you or your family.

How about this for the fix of all fixes.  You buy Health insurance kind of like Life Insurance, based upon your age and if  you buy it when you are 19, they set it up so you you only get say 3% per year cost of living per say, or maybe only on your bigger birthdays, every 1o years your 30th 40th etc.

If you buy insurance and never let it lapse, no underwriting an pre-existing is covered, kind of like on a Medicare Supplement when you turn 65.

Also, and Mr. Kirsch does not talk about this in his article, but it seems like it comes up often enough.  We talk about the death rate and age people live in this country versus other countries.  Well a few things there.  Our county counts infant deaths in those number and many countries do not.  That will obviously drops our average. 

I do not know what kind of obesity rates are in other countries, but I know ours is growing.  That is not because of lack of health insurance.  It is due to poor eating habits, and DO NOT BLAME MCDONALD’s and everyone seems to want to do.  We also as a society, spend a lot of time with video games, again I do not know about other countries there.

We need to be healthier, and smarter and that will also help fix the health care system.  Yes, there are some issues, but the current health bill does not address them.

Thanks for reading.