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Ok, I have been following the the uninsured Americans Arguement for the better part of a decade now. We hear arguements from both political parties on how to fix the system. I can fix it!!! Not that anyone would listen to me. The first arguement we hear is that there are 46 Million Americans uninsured. I keep wondering where that number comes from. I am never asked in a census?? I wonder does of that number, how many choose to be uninsured, meaning could afford it, just do not see the point. I wonder how many of them are medically unisurable? And how many really cannot afford it, and when they say afford, is that they cannot afford a loaded plan or they cannot afford a catestrophic plan only?
Here is the answer or at least part of the answer. First, corporations no longer offer insurance to their employees, unless it is part of compensation and the employee is taxed as income. ( It can then be claimed on your income taxes because it is INCOME). Make plans more catestrophic by nature. The example I use, is I got new tires on my car today, Sadly I did not have a co-pay. My auto insurance does not cover that, nor oil changes, nor a lot of maintenence work. Why does health insurance?? Have every plan cover ONE WELLNESS VISIT per year for adults and of course all of your baby well checks. If you get the flu, you and go to the doctor, you pay for it, just like your new set of tires. That will number one reduce the cost of health insurance. It will also probably over time have people eat better and take better care of themselves.
Here is another one I cannot figure out. A lot of group plans ( I used to have one of these years ago) have a $30 co-pay to see the doctor, but no co-pay to go to the Emergency Room. Now, what cost the insurance company more?? Tell me that one makes sense.
The other thing we need to have as like in most states, it is required to have auto insurance. Make health insurance the same. In most states, if you have a bad driving record, you have to get your insurance through a carrier who will take you, and you pay more for that. No one seems to argue that that is not fair, but we get that for people who get rate increases for high blood pressure. Either way, if Everyone had to have insurance, the price would come down. Everyone would have it, you would have your preferred rating classes, and your substandard rating classes. You could also offer limited benefit plans, to control costs, but then the insured would have to assume more liability. It seems like, the country wants to make it more socialized like the Medicare system and the Medicade system. I do not know does anyone really think that system works perfectly?? If you are on Medicare, you need a supplement or you expose yourself. Think about that, we talk about the cost of health insurance for an individual, but a someone who is retired, will pay about $98 per month for their Medicare part B premium, and then a Medicare supplement that is over $100 per month. This is some one who is retired in most cases and is on a fixed income, so why is it so bad if someone who can earn a living has to pay $300 per month or so?
In summary, we make it mandatory to have health insurance ( Massachusetts has already made that happen). Make it tax deductible if you purchase it on your own, and