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During the reform “campaigning” I kept hearing how, health care reform will make buying health insurance more affordable because they were trying to create more competition. Now, I do not know how many insurance carriers there are. I do know that I represent about 16. Some like Medical Mutual, write only in Ohio, and Consumers Life, is their sister company in Indiana and Pennsylvania. Either way, there were enough companies to have competition.

We are starting to see the NEGATIVE affect. In the last two weeks, Insurance Resouce Group, National States, and the big one of American Community, have stopped taking applictions. They will not be able to survive in a “guarantee issue environment”. The law is not even in effect yet, and we are starting to see what will happen.

My belief is when it is said and done, most insurance companies cannot survive under the requirements of the health care reform bill. In four years, when the bulk of this goes in place, you will see a lot of carriers go out of business. I think in ten years, there will only be government run health care.

If you have followed my blogs, you know I am totally opposed to the government running anything, it destroys the capitalist society.

Stay tuned to see how it ends up.

I hope, we get this right!!

Eric Wilson is a health insurance broker in Chicago. He writes in in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio.

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