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So I was out of town last week. My parents are non stop FOX and MSNBC watchers, so it was all I could do not to watch it. Then I catch, they are sending a 1000 page bill to congress. That they want voted on by the August recess. Shocking the CBA ( the bi-partican fincancial analysis group) stating that the costs is too high and will still leave too many uninsured. This by the way is the SECOND time that they have said this.
Oh and by the way I did read some of it. The government states that you can keep your insurance if you like it, but in the bill burried on page 16 was a clause that it would not be legal to sell private insurance. So that means you can keep what you have, but you cannot shop any more. Now I am not the best at reading these things, and perhaps I am biased, OK I AM BIASED as it affects my livlihood. But if the government steps in here and puts together a private plan similar to mediacare for all, you will see some issues.
The medicare system is not flawless, as you need a mediacare supplement to cover all of the GAPS in mediacare. So will the private plan have those gaps as well?? Also Medicare pays doctors and hospitals about 20% less that private insurance. Does that mean doctors have to see 20% more patients to make the same income?? If so, what kind of treatment will you get??
Also, I am going to get on my capitlist high horse here. In the movie starring Danny Devito called “OTHER PEOPLES MONEY” He makes a comment, I am going to paraphrase for my younger readers. He said if the was stating if he could not buy a stock ( substitute insurance), in a free market a so called free country, it messes up capitalism. You know what happens when capitalism gets messed up? The Communist come back, don’t kid yourself, they are out there.
Ok I am done with movies now, but do you see where I am going.
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