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Ok, since my last blog a week or so ago, I had the time to do some research on the 45 Million uninsured Americans. The facts are stunning.

With the help of the US Census Bureau, I compiled the following information. I hope our government takes a look.


17 million live in households earning more than $50,000. I am sure a great many of these qualify for insurance medically, but choose not to purchase. ( that is 38% of the American unisured)
9 million live in households earning over $75,000 ( that is 20% of the American uninsured)
18 million of the uninsured are in the age bracket of 18-34, the youngster who are healthy, I use the term “think they are bullet proof”. If nothing else feel they are healthy and have no need for insurance. ( that is 40% of uninsured America)
There are about 15 million who are eligible for Medicaid and SCHIP ( State Comprehensive Insurance Programs). These are people who meet the level of income to qualify for assistance through the government.

My studies show that of the UNINSURED AMERICA, less than 15 million Americans do not medically qualify for insurance. This is the section the government should be concerned with insuring. That is where they should invest the money.

Just my thoughts of the week.