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The Wilson Health Plan

Posted on Sep 28 by

We have heard of Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, this system is failing for a number of reasons.  The Republicans have failed to pass a repeal or a replacement...


Eric Wilson with Lars Larson

Posted on Mar 30 by

Eric Wilson, Principal of Health Insurance and Wilson Associates   Talking about the changes in Obamacare… Listen to my Interview with LARS...


Eric Wilson on the Bill Martinez Show

Posted on Mar 28 by

Promises of Obamacare, How can we rely on? Today on THE BILL MARTINEZ SHOW we’re discussing Obamacare “Obamacarerepeal”… the misunderstanding how Obamacare...


My Interview on WTAD

Posted on Mar 9 by

Eric Wilson, Principal of Health Insurance from Wilson and Associates.   What are the Republican are doing for Repeal and replace and putting those “Quotes” for...


The Trump Health Insurance Plan

Posted on Nov 9 by

Now that Donald Trump has won the election there are some things that will happen with your healthcare.   The first being the full repeal of the Patient Protection and...